Why ABC?

A firm connection for the future!

As a family business with a 200-year history, we are growing together: with solid values as our roots and our employees as the centre of our success.
As a team, we want to become even more innovative, digital and agile in order to improve our processes and shape the future of various industries. Always at the centre: people - with room for open communication, for self-realisation and co-creation, for new and open ways, for cooperation - goal- and value-oriented!

Your benefits

Our goal is to create framework conditions in which you can actively shape your everyday working life. For us, this means constantly developing and redefining the working environment in order to optimally meet the needs of employees and the future working world.

Our standard

  • attractive remuneration
  • secure job
  • comprehensive benefits
  • flat hierarchies

Promoting the Work-Life-Journey

Life circumstances change. Personal goals and values we focus on vary. It is important to us to empower all employees to choose their own personal and professional journey based on their individual values.
  • different working time models: different working time models give you the opportunity to adapt your working time to your lifestyle
  • mobile working: we equip you for mobile working so that you can also work from home. We are constantly developing our concept
  • 6 weeks holiday a year: at ABC, you benefit from 30 days of holiday per year, so you can completely switch off


Our employees are the prerequisite for the success of the company. Quality depends not only on expertise, but also on our individual health. That is why we understand personal well-being as part of holistic health management.
  • In-house and external counselling services: depending on the needs, we offer various management and counselling services for both physical and mental health.
  • occupational health service: In addition to job-related occupational health check-ups, our company doctor is also available to help you with other issues related to your work.
  • Annual flu vaccination: we offer you a free flu vaccination once a year on a voluntary basis.
  • Free fruit and drinks: we provide you with fruit, coffee and water free of charge.
  • ergonomic office equipment: our workplace design according to ergonomic and safety standards ensures the health and well-being of all employees

Development opportunities

Development means not only the expansion of experience and skills for the company, but also individual self-realisation. The personal development of our employees is therefore particularly important to us.
  • individual development opportunities: we encourage commitment and willingness to perform and support your individual further development, whether career- or subject-specific
  • self-determined further training: with us you always have the opportunity to take the initiative yourself and to research, request and carry out desired further training courses
  • cross-functional change of activities: through project work or agile working methods, you can also familiarise yourself with exciting activities from other areas, depending on your wishes 

Additional services

Appreciation is an important part of job satisfaction. In addition to an attractive remuneration model, we therefore offer you various additional benefits.
  • holiday and christmas allowance: to enjoy special times even better, all employees receive holiday and christmas allowance.
  • employee discount: all employees have the opportunity to buy our products at attractive conditions.
  • company pension scheme: to secure the standard of living in old age, we offer a company pension scheme as well as further possibilities to invest parts of the remuneration in the pension scheme.
  • time off for special events: for special events such as weddings, moving house or the birth of your own child, you will be given 1-2 days off.

Working World

The mindset of working together to drive the success of the company, working as a team on the big picture, being able to realise oneself in the process and breaking new ground is what sets us apart. We offer space for this.
  • agile working: flexibility, quick action and productivity are becoming increasingly important, which is why we already work with agile methods and are continuously developing them further.
  • team events: frequent team events also ensure fun among colleagues outside of work and strengthen cohesion.
  • modern office equipment: since a lot of time is spent at the workplace, our employees should feel comfortable here. modern office equipment is therefore a prerequisite for us.
  • collaboration: together we can achieve great things, which is why collaboration is particularly important to us. in order to be able to work effectively, we continue to expand forms and methods for this.
  • sustainability: we care! we give sustainability the priority it deserves and constantly question our actions - as a contribution to the preservation of our planet.
  • social responsibility: social responsibility is not only about avoiding negative impacts, but also about doing something good. We take responsibility for our employees, our fellow human beings, our society, our culture and our environment.

Have we always done it this way?

Absolutely not: we want to do better and make a promise to ourselves to further develop the working environment so that our employees can not only work efficiently and develop the best solutions, but also feel comfortable and have fun at work.